How to Get Spilled Wax Off of Things

Let the wax cool completely.  Think about the durability of the surface before proceeding with any method.

Carpet:  Scrape off as much wax as you can using a butter knife or an old credit card.  Lay a damp cloth over the area and then apply medium heat with an iron.  The stubborn wax will stick to the cloth, making it easy to peel away.

Wood:  Be extra careful with wooden floors; chipping away at the wax can damage the finish.  Try hardening the wax with ice cubes or an ice pack.  Then carefully scrape at it with an old credit card.  You can also use a blow dryer set to medium, wiping away the wax as it melts.

Clothing:  Toss the item in your freezer for approximately half an hour.  Most of the cold wax will easily scrape off. Then place a paper bag over the affected area and apply medium heat with an iron. The remaining wax will transfer to the bag. Finish by rubbing laundry detergent directly into the stain and immediately tossing into the washing machine. If the stain is stubborn, try a stain remover and rewash.  Just don’t heat dry the item before you’re sure the stain is gone or you’ll risk setting it into the fabric.

Leather:  Use a blow dryer set to low or medium heat and wave it quickly over the stain.  Do not linger on the spot for too long or you risk burning the material.  Wipe away with a clean cloth. 

Everything Else:  If you get wax in your hair (we’re not asking how), then dip the tips in hot water.  If the wax is closer to your roots, massage with olive oil, and then shampoo and condition.  Spilled wax on your shoes?  Toss them in the freezer, then follow the instructions for clothing or for leather.