100% Pure Palm wax is a completely natural and renewable resource.

Non-toxic, burns clean and produces less soot.

Has a longer burn time than paraffin blend waxes.

Palm wax sources are renewable in nature, do not contain GMO material

and come from a RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) member source. 

Farmers grow and harvest only the palm leaves to produce palm wax. 

Palm oil is steam-distilled, without the use of chemicals.

Candle spills clean up easily using only soap and hot water.


100% Natural Wooden Wicks achieve a fast melt pool formation for quick

and excellent hot fragrance throw. They produce a tantalizing crackling sound

when burning. A wood wick has no mushrooming with little carbon buildup,

debris or sooting. Our wicks are sourced and manufactured in the USA from

FSC-Certified mills. Pat. www.lumetique.com/patents.To achieve a fast melt 

pool formation for quick and excellent hot fragrance throw. 

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