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all of our candles and wax melts are hand poured using 100% Pure Palm wax


  •  completely natural and renewable resource

  • Non-toxic, burns clean and produces less soot

  • Has a longer burn time than paraffin blend waxes

  • does not contain GMO material

  • Palm oil is steam-distilled, without use of chemicals

  • Candle spills clean up easily using only soap and hot water

did you know?   

palm wax come from a RSPO

(Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) member source. 

Farmers grow and harvest only the palm leaves to produce palm wax.


all fragrance Oils used in our candles do not contain toxic phthalates

and are safe for human health and the environment. 

all of our candles  (except for tea light size) 

come with a natural wooden wick

benefits of a wooden wick:

  • achieve a fast melt pool formation for quick and enjoyable fragrance throw

  • They produce a tantalizing crackling sound when burning

  • A wood wick will help avoid carbon buildup or sooting

  • Our wicks are sourced and manufactured in the USA from FSC-Certified mills. Pat.

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