our story

Cathy first started making candles in her home kitchen as a hobby with her husband. As a huge candle lover, she was always disappointed in the scent throw and burn quality from store bought candles. Such is life, years later her passion for this hobby resurfaced.

She spent many months testing a variety of wax blends, fragrances, and wick types.  With help from family and friends she came up with the perfect combination. Cathy’s formulation ensures each candle will have a long-lasting complete burn, with the perfect amount of fragrance.

South Porch Candles and Gifts went public in December of 2015 and has been going strong and growing ever since! In addition to providing top quality candles, South Porch has now expanded its product line with a variety of handmade gifts.

our mission

From a kitchen stove years ago, to a kitchen stove today.  We maintain every step of the candle-making process. Each wick is individually placed, and every candle is hand poured in small batches to ensure quality.

Our #1 priority is to produce high quality, 100% handmade candles and gifts while delivering top notch customer service. We as a business take pride in making sure EVERY customer is satisfied with the products and service they receive.

If you are in the Central Texas area, come shop our products in person during any one of our Farmer’s Markets to save on shipping!


We currently have business partnerships with local restaurants and retail stores providing our candles, but we'd love to have more!


For all inquiries in bulk/wholesale options please email southporchtx@gmail.com

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